Book Four of The Patriarch Saga
Coming Soon 2019

The greatest human adventure of all time begins

10 years after a gang of high school thugs murder his best friend, Charles Andersen suddenly begins to develop extraordinary god-like abilities. Then as a crazed consortium of drug cartels plan to annihilate New York City with a stolen thermo-nuclear weapon, he soon comes face to face with those very same tormentors from his past.

But what is really happening to Charles Andersen? And what is really going on there on planet Earth?

I of the Patriarch​
Book one of The Patriarch Saga

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*****  "A gripping read that I just couldn't put down."
*****  "Wow, what a book! I haven't read one this awesome in a while."
*****  "Finally!!! Something truly fresh and original."
*****  "Shocking at times, heaps of clever plot twists and a mind-blowing reveal. Loved it!"
*****  "Action packed to the very end. Can't wait for the next in the series."
*****  "This is my all-time favorite book!" 


The greatest human adventure of all time continues

In this sprawling sci-fi action adventure sequel, two world saviors bestowed with extraordinary god-like abilities will reluctantly face-off against the armies of the world before finding themselves locked in a do-or-die apocalyptic showdown with their ultimate nemesis. But in the shocking aftermath the world's greatest secret will be revealed, and then nothing on Earth will ever be the same again.

Everything we've ever been told... is a LIE!

We of the Patriarch​
Book two of The Patriarch Saga

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​​Five Star Reader Ratings & Reviews on Amazon and iBooks

*****  "An action adventure blockbuster with an epic sci-fi twist!"
*****  "Kept me captivated to the very last page. You truly feel like you become a part of the story."
*****  "This book completely blew my mind - over and over."
*****  "I didn't thnk this story could get any better but boy was I wrong."
*****  "Another outstandingly well written book in this saga."
*****  "I've certainly found my guilty pleasure with these books."
*****  "This will not disappoint."

The greatest human adventure of all time goes Galactic!

They rid the world of the inflicted and abolished all forms of government, currency and religion. They cleansed the world of all that was wrong with the wayward human race, dismantled weapons of mass destruction, and made sickness and disease a thing of the past. It is a near-perfect world, a utopian new era, and at last the human race is poised to make its presence known in the universe.

But something else has been watching them, lurking out there in the endless darkness. And now it's coming for them all. Something... terrifying.

Brace yourself for a truly epic sci-fi action adventure thrill ride!

Revelations of the Patriarch: Xavien Dawn​
Book three of The Patriarch Saga

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