Throughout a long and tumultuous history, humanity has often suffered at the hands of divergent individuals with cruel dispositions to dominate and control. With the ebb and flow of tyrannical empires and the genocidal horrors of two devastating world wars, it would seem to any rational observer that perhaps the troublesome species was doomed from the very beginning, for something is clearly very wrong on planet Earth.

But unbeknownst to the incessantly infantile human race, something has been watching over them, something otherworldly and elusive lurking beyond an otherwise parochial sense of consciousness, something poised to at last reveal the shocking truths about their earthly existence, of life and death, and that which lies beyond the confines of the physical universe. 

And thus... the greatest human adventure of all time begins. 

The Patriarch Saga - Book One

Charles Andersen grew up in a quiet bayside town, harassed by schoolyard thugs and left traumatized in the wake of a life-changing tragedy. But Charles will soon discover that his troubles are only beginning, for shortly after reuniting with his high school sweetheart in New York City, a bizarre sequence of unimaginable events turn his unassuming world completely upside down.

From the startling discovery of extraordinary abilities, to the harrowing ordeal of a nightmarish nuclear-fueled attack on one of the world’s greatest mega-cities, his very existence will begin to resemble the far-fetched plot of a blockbuster superhero movie.

But nothing will prepare him for what lies ahead, for Charles Andersen will come face to face with the astonishing truth about life and death and the world he thought he knew, something the likes of which he would never have imagined in his wildest dreams.

An impossible, otherworldly revelation that will change everything... forever.​​

The Patriarch Saga - Book Two

Bestowed with extraordinary god-like abilities and burdened with a mission of paramount significance, Charles Andersen is about to be confronted with even more startling revelations - that he is not alone and there are others just like him.

Meanwhile... when a mysterious succession of ritualistic-style murders escalates, self-righteous fingers the world over point to the unassuming savior of New York City, the only individual on Earth known to be even capable of committing such unspeakable atrocities. Then amidst the triggered outrage and condemnation that ensues in the aftermath of an even greater act of genocide, the entire world descends into chaos and all-out war - madness on a grand scale.

However, little does anyone know that the greatest threat to civilization has been lurking deep within the shadows for centuries, and as the FBI's new investigative dream team closes in on the real culprits believed responsible for inciting Armageddon, none of them are prepared for what they discover hidden away in the most unlikely of places, or the astounding two thousand year old secret that's buried there within.

A mind-blowing action adventure with an epic sci-fi fantasy twist!

The Patriarch Saga - Book Three
In the wake of the great cleansing of all that was wrong with the world, the arrival of a utopian new age unifies humanity for the very first time in thousands of years. All previous forms of government, politics, currency and religion have been declared redundant and thus abolished, dreaded weapons of mass destruction have been disarmed and dismantled, and all sickness and disease has been eliminated thanks to the timely unveiling of the miraculous Reinhardt’s Gift Vaccine.

Now embracing a truly enlightened and technologically advanced existence, the unshackled human race finally reaches out across the vastness of the solar system, yearning to discover its many hidden secrets and celestial wonders, until a startling new revelation is unearthed - one that could finally solve an age-old planetary mystery and reveal the true origins of the human species. 

But then as humanity dares to reach out even further across the cosmos, they stumble upon something unexpected lurking in the darkness... a terrible, malevolent nightmare that will stalk them all the way back to their foolishly disarmed and isolated little place in the universe.​​ And the only chance of survival rests with two semi-retired and sleep-deprived world saviors, both of whom are barely coping with the challenging joys of parenthood.

AMMAKLYSE : Wrath of the Patriarch 
The Patriarch Saga - Book Four 
Coming soon 2019

The world saviors of two human-populated systems face a daring new challenge on a remote and forgotten little planet, vile and misguided like the troubled Earth of old. Ammaklyse is an ill-fated world, an isolated civilization where a rampant culture of corruption and murderous deceit reigns supreme. Sent there in search of two mysterious anomalies said to be of immense importance to the future of humankind, they must seek out each and every potential candidate in a dizzying white knuckle thrill-ride against time before everything is lost forever.

From the death-defying high octane exhilaration of the shady capital run sky-racing circuit, to the festering underbelly and corrupt machinations of Rancan City's glamorous nightclub district, the increasingly anxious extraction team will be faced with one challenge after another as the hours flash by and the minutes rapidly count down.

But they will soon discover that Ammaklyse harbors a shocking secret - another astounding revelation of profound significance, and one that will resonate across the very boundaries of space and time.

LEGEND OF THE PATRIARCH: The Final Revelation 
The Patriarch Saga - Book Five
ETA: Late 2019 (final artwork/title TBA)

Dozens of human-inhabited systems spread across the Tesclon galaxy have been liberated by an ever-growing collective of extraordinary world saviors. But as these worlds unite together in an historic celebration, their new-found alliance is soon challenged by the news of a shocking galactic incident of unprecedented scale and malice. 

Crippling fear and apprehension rapidly manifests, causing a suspicious majority to distance themselves from the resolute Earth/Xavien coalition, leaving everyone suddenly isolated and vulnerable like they always had been in the past, until something unseen and unspeakably menacing threatens to bring the disillusioned human race crashing to its knees. 

Entire civilizations will be decimated, beloved heroes will fall, and at the very threshold of humanity's seemingly inevitable annihilation, a weary Patriarch will only then reveal the devastating final revelation. 

And from the ashes of oblivion a new legend shall be born.

Coming soon...  A Bold New Mythology: Decrypting the Patriarch

In this intriguing documentary-length video exposé, author Shane D Hughes dissects and discusses in detail the mind-blowing new mythology behind The Patriarch Saga book series. From the inspiration behind this incredible story's basic inception to the stunning revelations laced throughout, a much deeper understanding of all the unique characters and the astonishing challenges they'll face is presented for avid readers and would-be fans alike. Don't miss it.    

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